“In 2009 my Mom had the crazy idea to start an alpaca farm, and she asked me to move back in and take care of the farm.”

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Jayme Hettinger’s story I’ve struggled with depression since I was 11 though I’m pretty sure I’ve had it most of my life. I was sexually abused and raped by a caregiver

“I recently became so overwhelmed that I could not stop crying. I looked around in a sea of people, realized that no help was coming”

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Tristan’s Miller’s story Hello, my name is Tristan Miller. I’ll be your server this evening. I am going to take your order, go over to that machine, panic that I

“Anxiety and depression are equal opportunity employers and they do not care what kind of day or week or year you’re having.”

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Steve Austin’s story I’ll never forget my first at-work panic attack. I was a dispatcher in a 911 call center. Everyone there knew my Dad, who is a career firefighter and

“Two years later, feeling pressures from my boss again, I experienced yet another episode of Major Depressive Disorder.” 

Jun/14 By

Stephanie Paige’s story It’s Sunday evening and I am sitting on the floor of my downstairs bathroom crying.  Monday is work again and I just can’t.  I am mentally beaten and drained.  But I

“I am more depressed about working with people who always seem unsatisfied with everything.”

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Karly Mullin’s story I used to love my job so much. I still do. I am an activity aide at a nursing home. I love my residents, they bring out

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